More Projects are HERE!!!

Round 2 of  the annual day for getting started on your holiday handmade gift items.

I have some great ideas to get you started.  There are 4 projects to choose from and you can do as many or as few as you like.   You can start at any time from 10 – 5 but remember to budget 3 hours for each project.

Choose from:

Many Merry Stars Wreath
Over the top WOW Christmas Tags
3 Home Decor Trees
12 Days of Christmas Photo Album
Set of 4 Tile Coasters
Christmas Cards

Many Merry Stars Wreath $35

many merry stars wreath

Class includes 24″ Grapevine wreath & Many Merry Stars Kit.  You will have extra stars to use for other projects.


Over the top WOW Christmas Tags $15

over the top christmas tags

Create all 9 tags that WOW up any package.


3 Tree Ensemble $32
I know my photo only has 1 tree but there are actually 3 in the class, 14″, 12″ and 10″.  Photo is of 12″ Tree

Photo below are the trees displayed on mantel.


12 Days of Christmas Photo Album
This is an awesome gift for someone that just doesn’t have the time to put one together.   A fully decorated photo album where all they need to do is drop in a few holiday photos to preserve their memories.

24 Page Photo Album $48
Pages only $38 (Album not included)

Here is a sample of some of the pages.
??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Christmas Cards
Get all of your cards done before Thanksgiving!!

Create 20 cards – 4 designs, 5 of each.


need more no problem.  Add on in sets of 4 for $3

Stamped Tile Coasters
Select for 4 styles and create a great gift of 4 coasters.

Tile Type:
White or Travertine

Stamp Image:
Nutcracker or Floral

Set of 4:
White tiles $10
Travertine tiles $12

Payment is required with registration

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